Dengue virus infection typically has mild symptomes, but can also cause hemorrhaegic fever and death in severe cases. Dengue has four serotypes and a secondary infection with a different serotype is associated with more severe symptomes.

In this project, we use - amongst others - transcriptome and proteome profiling to find markers that associate with severe disease.


Time since Onset of Disease and Individual Clinical Markers Associate with Transcriptional Changes in Uncomplicated Dengue

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Hyperferritinaemia in Dengue Virus Infected Patients Is Associated with Immune Activation and Coagulation Disturbances

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Serum angiopoietin-2 and soluble VEGF receptor 2 are surrogate markers for plasma leakage in patients with acute dengue virus infection

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Microbial Translocation Is Associated with Extensive Immune Activation in Dengue Virus Infected Patients with Severe Disease

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